Our first International guest comes from Italy – her name is Arianna De Marco and she is an agricultural entrepreneur from Lecce with a special passion for extra virgin olive oil. Her family has been producing olive oil since 1885 and now after four generations, she continues working with new agricultural knowledge but still with the same enthusiasm and care.
Since 2015, Arianna De Marco has managed the everyday activities in the olive grove and taken care of the quality checks of the final product, Cantasole extra virgin olive oil.
She is an olive oil enthusiast and loves to explore the different characteristics of olive oils.
Her favorite season is autumn when it’s time for the olive harvest; it’s just a joy to taste a fresh drop of olive oil.

In this episode we got an insight of the life of an olive oil enthusiast and we’ve also learned why there is Camomile on the ground of the olive grove in spring and what’s a „zero waste“ mill.

We would be very happy if this episode brings you in the mood for olive oil again.
Thank you so much dear Arianna for this so emotionally and enthusiastically conversation.

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